Biodesign and analysis for synthetic biology companies



When it comes to synthetic biology, we’re building the biodesign and bioanalysis tools that the industry has been waiting for.


We make solutions for the Design and Learn stages in the synthetic biology R&D process. Synthetic biology is creating new biology based products, whether that be a biofactory, cell-based meat, GMO consumer product, or immunotherapy method.

Synthetic biology is one of the most powerful industries in humanity’s history – and right now it's still in its golden age. Scientists still struggle to harness fundamental technologies such as DNA sequencing, synthetic DNA and statistical methods. We’re here to change that. With each new partner, we’re taking the industry one step closer to its full potential.

We believe the future of humanity lies in synthetic biology. If you feel the same, let’s talk.

Bring your biodesigns to life. Find genes of interest and design synthetic constructs in a collaborative environment with Tupac.Bio Biodesigner.

Working with a non-model organism? Use Ortholog Explorer to identify similar genes between the organism you are working with and model organisms that have been well-studied.

Quickly navigate and view the annotated genome you are working with. We can process publicly available genome data or sequence, assemble, and annotate a genome for you.

We make it easy for you to identify and use genes of interest from your genomic data. Have us do the bioinformatics work so you can get started with your experiments. Contact us to discuss your genomic analysis needs.


We partner with organizations doing cutting edge R&D and work with them to understand their R&D challenges and overcome them. This can mean integrating our software, applying DNA sequencing and related technologies, or creating a bespoke solution.



Save money by avoiding expensive hires.


Faster delivery than going through process of building in-house solutions.


Increase R&D efficiency through standardization and automation of repeated bioinformatical analyses.


Novel solutions that can increase the value of your experiments and end-product.



The Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation (FBRI) is a well-funded Japanese research organization.


Varinos provides clinical microbiome testing and solutions for female fertility.

Finless Foods

Finless Foods is a company developing a new way to produce, environmentally-friendly and clean  versions of fish and seafood products by growing marine-animal cells (fish) in a lab.

Shiok Meats

Shiok Meats is a cell-based clean meat company, the first of its kind in Singapore and South-East Asia. Their mission is to bring cell-based crustacean meats (shrimp, crab, lobster) to your table.


Synplogen is producing precision, long-chain synthetic DNA.


Spiber Inc. is a leading Japanese biomaterials company engaged in producing synthetic spider silk and other biomaterials.


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